About us - Disrupting the way women network

Hub Dot is disrupting the way women network. By creating a space for authentic connections, Hub Dot uses the concept of the Italian piazza to bring storytelling back to the centre of society. We remove preconceived societal labels – a title, a CV, a job description - and replace them with five coloured Dots as a way of giving women the freedom to explore and start a conversation that begins ‘What is your story?"

The first ever event was hosted around Simona's Fulham kitchen table for 98 women in June 2012, and is now a global community with more than 15,000 Members. We are social enterprise, based out of London, operating as a core team of 10 people; there are also more than 16 Ville teams, groups of self-organized women who come together to plan, shape and host events for their local communities.

We celebrate women in totality, though all phases of life and recognise that as women we reinvent ourselves. Hub Dot’s purpose is to support that journey. We recognise fulfillment comes in many shapes and sizes. It may be a new social enterprise, a new inspiration or a job, a friend, a mentor or even a new handbag!

"Come on Pick a Dot and let your Dot Alchemy begin...Ciao,Simona"

We are a game-changing company, revolutionising the way that women network, building relationships that not only translate into professional development but also improve the mental wellbeing/livelihoods of those who become part of the Hubdot community/family.

  • Red - I’m established (in my career, business, motherhood)
  • Yellow - I have an idea, can anyone help?
  • Green- I’m here to be inspired
  • Blue - I’m here to socialise and shop
  • Purple - I want to tell you about… (my story, my work, my charity)

(200 symbols max)

(256 symbols max)