Dot Digital - Disrupting the way women network online

Our digital platform connects the Dots between women across the world. The portal is designed to help our community make new connections online, but it's also the place to stay on the pulse of what's happening in the Hub Dot community and register for an upcoming event worldwide.

When you sign-up for the beta version of our Dot Digital platform, you will be opening up a window to a world of wonder that you can't experience on other social networks. Here you will find a colorful array of content, creative events and potential connections. This version of the platform is our first step in a long journey to making Dot Alchemy work in the digital world, so some patience is required, but with a little imagination and exploration you can set your story in motion.

In the same way that Dot Physical evolved as a platform to connect women face-to-face, from 98 women around Simona's kitchen table in 2012 into a global community with over 16,000 registered members as of today, we anticipate that the Dot Digital platform will evolve in terms of its structure, design and functionality to enable millions of women to connect worldwide in the years ahead.

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